Some 53 years ago a young man stood before the Pacific Ocean, full of anger, sorrow and certainty; certain there was something wrong with life. Beckoned on, his staff moved back and forth over the water. The water receded. He hesitated, the water splashed over his boots. He quickly responded with a movement, slashing an upward diagonal with his staff and taking a step as the water retreated. A few minutes later he faced a wall of water well over his head. His staff, with arms now fully extended, made two ellipses, describing the limits of motion, left and right. His staff had described a glowing infinity sign above the wall of water and against the sky.


 Finally, exhausted, he brought the staff to rest in front of him. He waited for the massive weight of the water to break over him. But instead of calamity, a wave of warmth and love came upon him, with a promise: A Unified Universe, forever.


He really didn’t know what that meant. Stunned by the experience and filled with humility, he slowly backed away from the water. Unable to fully process what had happened he found it difficult to be near the ocean, and soon moved to the higher ground of Mt. Shasta where he continued his questioning of reality.


He spent the next 50 years trying to find out what it really did mean. About 12 years ago he began to write a book that contained the answer. The result was, in 2020, The Small Scroll – The enlightenment of Jesus.