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“Miller has produced a masterful tale…”


"This is a prophetic book written in the classical Historical Novel tradition. "Nobody could presume to speak in Jesus Christ's words. What author Christopher Miller has done in "The Small Scroll - The Enlightenment of Jesus" is to use the Bible and unimpeachable bible study sources, along with 200 actual bible citations (of Jesus' words), to create a story that brings to life the events that form the basis of the gospels and the origins of Christianity.

Using the power of faith Miller weaves a lyrical, prophetic saga. It is a message to our time, and uses the new forms of communication that are available to us in this time, through prayer, as Jesus begins His approach to the World. This is the Prophecy.

The Scroll unveils secrets. It explains what the bible has been telling us for hundreds of years. Simply, beautifully, and completely. It is a perfect study tool for novice and master alike. It gives us knowledge we will need in order to understand all that is occurring on the Earth.

The Author encourages us "To Find Comfort Here." The Scroll is a delight to read, a jewel of a book.

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