My Story

Christopher Miller spent his childhood in Victoria BC. Canada. When he was 12 he moved with his father to Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, where he went to High School. Although he went to college he soon became caught up in a great spiritual upheaval that rocked the nation. It was then he began to take an interest in spiritual things, and began his search for the nature of existence. In 1966 he had a powerful experience that would alter his life. He did not understand this experience, and set out to do just that; understand. He was not a Christian at the time


After 30 years of studying the religions of the earth, he found the meaning of his revelation. In July of 1991 Christopher was baptised. At last the answer to the puzzle of his revelation of so many years ago was beginning to be revealed.  He studied and prayed, and over the years he worked away on this book. There was much to overcome, maturity and true wisdom had to replace the misguided wisdom of the world. Finally it was granted him to see it. The prophecy was to be fulfilled, and the result of that prophecy was, for Christopher,  “THE SMALL SCROLL – The Enlightenment of Jesus”.